I’m a golf junkie.

This is my journey.  I’m obsessed with golf. I love traveling to play other courses, squeezing in rounds on work trips, and spending time during our awesome Michigan summer days at my home club. I’ve got a 2-year old little boy and I cannot wait to get him out on the course with me! Exploring a golf course that I’ve never played is one of my favorite things. I started this blog to share my experiences of playing golf in places that excite me.

Full disclosure: I was quite inspired by the story of John Sabino and his completion of playing the Top 100 golf courses in the world.  After obsessively reading his fantastic blog posts and re-reading his book How to Play the World’s Most Exclusive Golf Clubs I decided that I’d be a fool not to embark on a similar quest.  I love the idea of a “golf journal”. I’m starting my own to capture the memories and good times that I’m working to accumulate so that one day I can share them all with my son. I’ve assembled small bucket lists of top golf courses that I plan to play, and someday will replay with my boy.

I’m starting by tackling Golf Digest’s Best Golf Courses in Michigan and Indiana (2015-2016 Rankings).  It’s going to take a lot of time and work to put this together because so many of those clubs are private, I have a full-time job and a busy family life; but nonetheless, this is my journey.  Along the way as I play other top courses across the country I plan to share those experiences as well.

My journey is to play better golf.  My quest is to do that on better golf courses.  And my commitment to this blog is to capture my experiences and share them with others. Along the way I aspire to grow as a man, husband, and father. Someday, I hope this blog will be an example for my own son of the power of goal setting and working hard to accomplish something. Welcome to Experience.Golf.